UV Printing

UVWe were proud to be the first in Western Massachusetts to offer UV offset printing on sheeted plastic products. Our total inter-station UV system with inline UV coater means that we can offer a broad range of printing services, including folding cartons, display materials, outdoor signage, and a host of foil and synthetic printed products.

In addition to widening the variety of printable materials, there are several benefits to using a UV system when producing offset printed materials. Some of the additional benefits are:

Running with out powder.
This keeps both the press and the printed sheets a lot cleaner. No more “powder bombs”.

Inks are dry-trapped.
Normally, inks “trap” or mix together on the sheet while they’re still wet. On our UV press, the inks are cured instantly between each color unit by ultraviolet lamps thus enabling inks to be dry as each color is added.

Spot coating.
Our separate UV coater unit takes a specialized type of plate. This allows for intricate spot-coatings to be applied to jobs either in-line, or to finish jobs that were printed on other, non-UV presses.

Continuous printing
Sheets coming off press are dry and completely cured. This allows immediate re-handling for any finishing processes. It also means that our press crew can allow more sheets to stack up in the press delivery without doing what we call “racking” or breaking up the load into smaller piles to prevent offset.