Direct Mail

Directmail_1E-blasts, internet sales, radio and TV advertising are all great. But nothing takes the place of getting in front of your customers. Direct mail allows you to get the most for your money. Whether it is a traditional static direct mail piece or variable direct printing customized one to one mailer, we can help you get in front of your customers and grow your business.

Creating personalized promotions is all about connecting the recipient to the message and it starts as if you are speaking to them directly. Variable data printing can produce unique pieces that are catered exactly to the specific person you want to reach. Did you know that you can print direct mail pieces, brochures, manuals, pretty much anything with each piece being totally unique? More importantly, it is a tremendously powerful way to increase the response rate and improve your return on investment of every marketing dollar. Responses on variable data pieces are  20 times that of static pieces.

Variable data combined with digital printing gives you the ability of on demand materials that are targeted directly to your customer’s interests. This cost-effective method of producing personalized marketing communications enables customers to improve rates and reduce inventories.

Direct Mailing

Some of the services provided through our mailing department are below:

Data Management
Data processing provides the maximum postage savings available for your mailing list. Services include CASS certification, postal presort, NCOA, list hygiene, DPV and list rental.

Inkjet Addressing
High volume simplex and duplex addressing & imaging on all paper stocks and plastic. Multiple personalizations with up to 3 inches or 24 lines of print. Print standard USPS and UPC barcodes, indicia and personalized messages. High-resolution addressing up to 600 dpi.

AM Packaging offers the latest inserting technology to meet your envelope package needs. High volume 6-station inserting for #7 up to 9 x 12 booklet envelopes. Match mailing and poly-bagging services are also available.

We offer a variety of sealing solutions for self-mailers and publications to meet your needs. Options include tabbing or spot-glue applications. Tabs are available in solid color and matte translucent in several sizes and shapes.

Extensive in-line and off-line folding capabilities include continuous feed buckle-plate, right-angle and knife folding. We also offer the ability to score, perf, slit and edge trim. Our knife folder can refold catalogs and publications to letter size for additional postal savings.

Postage Affixing
Three options are available. Postal indicia can be printed using inkjet imaging technology. Live stamp affixing is available for First Class, Standard and Nonprofit stamps.

A wide variety of label sizes and shapes can be applied to mail direct pieces.

Data processing provides the maximum postage savings available for your mailing list. Services include CASS certification, postal presort, NCOA, list hygiene, DPV and list rental.

Database Management
Services include list archiving, list standardization, Nixie removal, record addition and removal.

CASS Certified Processing
Processing your list through our CASS Certified software guarantees your addresses are fully compliant with USPS regulations for automated mail discounts.

NCOA Processing
National Change of Address processing includes all change of address data by relocating customers. It is updated regularly and maintained by the USPS. Your mailing list records can be matched with change of address data which provides ZIP+4 for all residential and business moves.

Delivery Point Validation ensures the physical delivery address exists. This process, required for automation discount rates began August 1, 2007.

Improve your customer database quality through the process of merging record data from separate files into one file and purging unwanted information as well as removing any duplicate records.

Reduce printing and postage costs using our process of removing duplicate records from one or multiple lists.

Postal Presort
We can help maximize your postal dollars by sorting your addresses according to USPS standards. Services include walk sequence, carrier route, automation and BPM.

Entry Optimization
Lists are analyzed for saturation levels to identify additional postal savings via drop-ship entry discounts to BMC and SCF facilities.