DiecuttingOur job does not end with simply printing high quality graphics on paper. We know how critical it is to have accurately scored and die-cut product, whether it comes to folders, envelopes or cartons. We have invested heavily in our die-cutting department to make sure your product looks feels and finishes the way you want. For less complicated pieces, our 28″ rotary cylinder die-cutters provide an economical, yet accurate solution for those smaller run, specialty type pieces. For larger, intricate items, our array of 40″ Flatbed die-cutters with auto-stripping capabilities and pin point registration can finish even the most demanding jobs.

For projects that required special materials like PLA, PET, Polypropylene or other plastics, our custom built die-cutting equipment fills the need. The process of die cutting plastic involves creating specialized dies based on your project, then using it to cut the finished product out of flat extruded plastic sheets. Although cutting and creasing plastic can be challenging, Packaging has come to be recognized as a leading manufacturer of high quality die cut plastic materials for the medical, cosmetic and toy industry. We can help you achieve maximum efficiency and productivity by offering a wide range of materials and die cutting services.